Human Affairs 32(2)

Postdisciplinárny štvrťročník Human Affairs pripravil druhé tohtoročné číslo, v ktorom nájdete:

Early literacy curriculum and its journey to kindergarten classroom
| Oľga Zápotočná, Zuzana Petrová, Marek Urban, Kamila Urban

Medium-specific aspects of digital reading and their impact on reading comprehension
| Zuzana Petrová

classroom, school, desks-1910012.jpg

Diverstity and centrism in two contrasting early childhood education and care systems: Slovakia and Indonesia compared
| Branislav Pupala, Hani Yulindrasari, Maria Melita Rahardjo

For God and for nation! The ideologisation of schools and education under the changing relationship between church and state in Slovakia
| Ondrej Kaščák, Zuzana Danišková

Civil defence education: (Non)specific dangers and destabilisation of actorship in education
| Jitka Wirthová, Tomáš Barták

The internet’s role in promoting civic engagement in China and Singapore: A Confucian view
| Andrew Yu

Designing digital tools for quality assurance in 24-hour home-care in Austria
| Carina Hauser, Elisabeth Kupka-Klepsch, Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann, Franz Werner

Coronavirus anxiety in Slovakia during the second wave of the pandemic – Associations with depression, insomnia and generalized anxiety disorder
| Peter Babinčák, Jaroslava Babjáková

Symbolic coping: Young people’s perspectives during the Covid-19 pandemic in three Central European countries
| Barbora Petrů Puhrová, Ivan Lukšík, Regina Scheitel

A misfortune or a benefit? Young people’s quality of life and romantic relationships during the Covid-19 pandemic
| Nikola Kallová, Denisa Hnatkovičová, Ivan Lukšík

Individual representations of love and their social and cultural resources
| Ivan Lukšík, Michaela Košútová Guillaume

The other side of the coin: A narrative inquiry into the positive consequences of infidelity among young adults
| Denisa Hnatkovičová, Nikola Kallová, Lucia Hargašová

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